We are telematics and IoT specialists. We partner with leading global businesses to create and support business-critical software solutions.

Adding value

Our systems help consume data in the most cost effective way, and we use our Big Data capability to ensure our clients get the best value from the information they collect.

Deep expertise

We have a proven track record in the development of sophisticated telematics solutions. We are the lead partner in the government funded i-Motors project, developing predictive contextual intelligence for connected and autonomous vehicles, and we've supported businesses like the RAC, Johnson & Johnson and BigOceanData to build and enhance their IoT capabilities.

Leading the way

We are more than just a coding house - we create game changing IP that will enhance your offering through new products and future-proof your existing solutions.

Benefits of our telematics solutions

Make devices smart

Most current devices are simply a funnel for data. Our approach allows contextual intelligence at the device so that decisions can be taken remotely. Multiple sensor data sources can be combined with positional and contextually relevant data and complex data pattern analysis can be performed locally to identify events from audio, video and other complex data patterns. Decisions can also be made to report centrally or act locally. We can respect user privacy by only transmitting events and not complete location records.

Collect only relevant data and transmit seamlessly

Our approach allows us to collect only the data that has changed, reducing data volumes by over 90%. Data is compacted, and in times when bandwidth is saturated our patented system allows you to prioritise which data is critical so that you have access to what you need, when you need it.

Automate humanlike responses

Admin and control centres are often event-driven, merging system-driven data events with other reference data and human experience. We build AI tools to automate this process. We link and merge data sets – coupled with degrees of decision certainty – to automate that which can be automated and, most importantly, refer on that which cannot.

Make the data work for you

Our advanced data analytics functions look for the patterns in your data sources. We combine remote, local and cloud-based data sources to provide intelligence to your business. And we close the loop by feeding forward the patterns we find in this data to the remote device, thus improving device AI capabilities, device decision making and further reducing unnecessary data traffic.

Our experience

  • Location & Tracking Services
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Online Membership Systems
  • Merging disparate data sources in real time


Our Telematics Projects

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